Bromalgae has established several Collaboration Agreements with different entities, among them:

  1. GAIKER-IK4: It is a public Research Institute with experience in the early development of a Photobioreactor and experience on algal crops for industrial purposes, fields of work.
  2. ZABALGARBI S.L .: It is a public-private owned property industrial facility for the incineration of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), using advanced energy recovery technology of 60 MW that serves a population of approximately one million inhabitants.
  3. BASQUE COUNTRY UNIVERSITY (UPV / EHU): Through its Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology directed by Professor D. Juan Luis Serra Ferrer. This Department has been working for several years in the research  of  various aspects of the biology of algae and cyanobacteria, as well as their applications.
  4. LOYOLA-SEVILLA UNIVERSITY: In order to strengthen the economic structure of BROMALGAE and its fit in the national aid programs and those of the European Union.
  5. KERA-COAT: That collaborates with BROMALGAE in the application of emission condenser tubes  with ceramic coats that surely  will  lead to substantial improvements in the emission fumes purification procedures, prior to organic crops, upgrading the BioRecyGas system procedure. .
  6. TEKNIKER: Technological and Research Centre specialized in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. BROMALGAE has agreed with Tekniker for the development of new high capacity photobioreactors.