Our algae production:

Sale of algae obtained in the process. Although the scope of the BROMALGAE project does not finish with the reduction of polluting emissions (as the alternatives available in the market), there is another business line that is the main differentiation respect to the existing solutions on the market, the sale of the algae produced.

The world algae market and its derivatives reached a value in 2018 of 230,000 million euros and is expected to accomplish a value of 300,000 million euros by 2023, at a CAGR of 5.4%.

Depending on the use, global algae products could be divided into nutraceuticals, food and dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, paints and dyes, contamination control, and others (see chart for price / volume and usage). Among these, nutraceuticals dominate the market for algae products and are expected to retain their position in the near future.