About us:
BROMALGAE S.L. is based in Bilbao (Spain), was founded by 10 partners, individuals and corporate entities.

The Board of Directors, which is its governing body, formed of 5 persons with various complementary professional profiles that cover the fundamental aspects of the Company:

a) – President: Mr. Guillermo Barredo Gallarza, Bachelor of Law and extensive international business experience.
b) – Vice President: Mr. Juan José de Otamendi Aguado, Bachelor of Fundamental Biology and Environmental Engineer.
c) – Secretary: Juan José Domínguez Barrero, Bachelor of Economic Sciences.
d) – 1st Member: Mr. Julen Alonso, Mechanical Engineer, CEO of URSSA Cooperative Society, expert in industrial steel works.
e) – 2nd Member: Alfredo García, CEO of INKATEC, an expert company in automation of industrial processes and pneumatics.