What do we do:

BROMALGAE is a start-up company focused on  ENVIRONMENTAL BIORREMEDIATION. Founded in 2017 but with past history.

The predecessor Society of BROMALGAE was Alging, SL, founded in 2013 began working on conceptual methodological bases from the studies and analysis carried out in the USA, by the Technological Institute of the California State University (CalPoly ) for the company Paradigm Biological International (PBI), a company whose objective was the decontamination of greenhouse gases (GEIs in Spanish or GHGs in English) CO2 and NOx mainly from industry, and whose initial model were the generation of electricity  (from 20 MW up) powered by natural gas.

PBI ceased its activity in 2011 and the project survived in Europe embodied by Alging S.L., and now developed by BROMALGAE S.L., after a merging financial operation

BROMALGAE’s objectives are focused on improving the effects of industrial activity on natural resources and human health, thanks to its prototype of a system for reducing polluting gases, based on algae, adaptable to any industry. This system is called BioRecyGas.

Plant design:

BROMALGAE operates under the Design-Build-Operates (DBO)possible formula at the customer’s industrial plant. BROMALGAE will present the complete cycle, to be decided by the client industry.

The plant design will be carried out at the same time that the Mobile Diagnostic Unit is carrying out its work, consisting of evaluating all the necessary parameters  for the construction of the first module of the industrial plant.


Once the plant design has been defined, the BROMALGAE work team will be in a position to incorporate the mechanical, structural, biochemical and other elements necessaries for its proper operation. These elements are: coolers, condensers, scrubbers, photobioreactors and other equipment.


One of the possibilities that BROMALGAE offers its customers is the  maintenance, once the plant is in operation.