Creating a cleaner world

Physycochemical-biological solutions for GHG abatement
About us

Bromalgae uses microalgae as biological filters to reduce industrial and urban NOx and CO2

Our technology

 From the technology developed in California Polytechnic State University “CalPoly”, Bromalgae implemented a validation pilot plant in the Zabalgarbi incinerator plant

What do we do?

The initial technology development has allowed Bromalgae to design two GHG reduction systems for industrial and urban application. Generating a circular economy focused on microalgae production


Industrial abatement system

Bromalgae designs abatement plants with high capacity photobiorreactors built in, connected to chimney emissions, with treating capacity up to 1.500 Nm3/h of gas. A completely automated and sensorized system that controls all the essential process parameters

Urban abatement system

Bromalgae has developed urban photobioreactors that filter urban emissions becoming a cleaner air

Biomass production

Bromalgae has a microalgae large capacity production plant. Our own design photobioreactors are able to produce large amount of high quality biomass


We analyze your emissions and design a customised system according to your goals

Turnkey project

We offer a turnkey project ready to operate


We offer plant maintenance and execution by our qualified technicians
Microalgae our great allies

Microalgae are photosynthetic microorganisms that use light and CO2 to produce biomass

 Producers of more than 50% of the O2 and creators of planet atmosphere
High productivity and adaptability
The most efficient CO2 fixers
Rich composition

Compounds such as nutraceuticals, biofertilizers or biofuel can be produced

Bromalgae is made up of a multidisciplinary team of engineers and biologists working together to find biotechnology solutions for current environmental challenges

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