We are a company especialized in environmental bioremediation

BROMALGAE, is a technology company founded in Bilbao in April 2018. Its main activity is focused on environmental engineering with the aim of designing and developing chemical and biological solutions for gas abatement, mostly from multiple industrial generation (of NOx and CO2) having combustion processes.

Our history: from California to Bilbao

BOMALGAE is an ENVIRONMENTAL BIOREMEDIATION start-up founded in 2018, but has a brief history.

Alging S.L., founded in 2013, was Bromalgae´s predecessor company. Its conceptual methodological basses were inherited from the researches and analysis made in USA by the California Polytechnic State University (CalPoly) for Paradigm Biological International (PBI) company. During that period, the company´s objective was the decontamination of green hose gases (GHG)-CO2 and NOx- from the industry, mainly, natural gas electricity industries (20 MW). 

PBI ceased their activity in 2011 but the project has continued in Europe by BROMALGAE SL.

Our technology BioRecyGas validated in Zabalgarbi incinerator

In the last years, Bromalgae has obtained important achievements by testing their technology at laboratory scale, proving their bigger volume growth viability with different intensities, types and periods of light, and different carbon and nitrogen sources. After several conceptual tests, carried out in partnership with the enzyme and cellular technology group of the Basque Country University, the scale up tests was prepared for an industrial pilot plant. Therefore, industrial CO2 and NOx abatement tests were made in Zabalgarbi urban waste incinerator. The results of such tests turned out very promising as it had been demonstrated a viable microalgae growth feed with industrial gas effluents.

We continue to research and developed  new products  that allow Bromalgae to advance in new biotechnological solutions