Bromalgae biology and engineering experts develop multidisciplinary biotechnical solutions
for current complex environmental challenges

PILOTU Project

Biological plant for urban emission reduction in France


Sustainable protein recovery from fungi and microalgae

PIVAL Project

A pilot plant for the valorization of sustainable microalgae biomass for energy and compost production

Modular Plant Project

Development study to design a modular and scalable photobioreactor plant for NOX fixed plant gas emissions reduction


Biological plant for the reduction of urban emissions in Bayonne (France).

Program funded by SPRI-Basque Business Development Agency to support companies in the Basque Country that need to develop scaled projects for international public investment.

Sustainable protein recovery from fungi and microalgae

HAZITEK – support programme for business R&D projects Action co-financed by the Basque Government and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund 2021-2027 (FEDER)/ HAZITEK – Enpresa I+G bultzatzeko laguntza programa. Eusko Jaurlaritza eta Europar Batasunak 2021-2027 Eskualde Garapenerako Europar Funtsaren (EGEF) bitartez kofinantzatutako eragiketa

The BIOSPROT project consortium is exploring a business opportunity for the Basque food industry: a protein production line based on biotechnological innovations aimed at marketing healthy and sustainable foods tailored to new consumption trends.

Pilot plant for the comprehensive valorization of microalgae biomass.

The objective of the PIVAL project is the valorization of biomass residues from microalgae cultivation for energy and compost production, through the development of a local, modular model close to the origin of these residues. The project will apply anaerobic digestion technology to convert microalgal residues to a valuable biogas which is monetized within the plant itself.

Study for the development of a modular and scalable biological plant for NOx fixed plant gas emissions reduction.

The main objective of the project is to conduct a study to design commercial modular photobioreactor plants, made of stainless steel, capable of abating flue gas emissions from 200 to 10,000 Nm3/h.
This project addresses a need and demand from the industry and environmental policy strategies. Therefore, it introduces emission abatement technology across a wide range of industries under a sustainable industry model. The innovation in this project brings significant advantages and substantial improvements both economically and environmentally. Additionally, the model includes the valorization of the resulting product from the production of microalgae used in the technology, with a wide range of applications and a growing trend of use in multiple sectors and markets.

Design of an automated, high-capacity vertical photobioreactor for large-scale microalgae cultivation.

Bizkaiko Foru Aldundiak finantzatu du proiektu hau, 2021eko Elkarlanean Programaren barruan eta FEDER funtsaren kofinantziazioa ere badauka / Este proyecto ha sido financiado por la Diputación Foral de Bizkaia dentro del Programa Elkarlanean 2021 y cuenta con cofinanciación del FEDER

Bromalgae, together with the company Inkatec, aims to develop, manufacture, and automate photobioreactors for large-scale microalgae cultivation.