Microalgae Scaling Service:

Bromalgae’s scientific team boasts over ten years of experience in microalgae biotechnology. For this reason, it is aware of the challenges associated with cultivating microalgae on a large scale. Few centers have a pilot plant with significant volumes. Therefore, our scientific team has developed a service offering to undertake projects that require extensive scaling of the product. Both the offer’s design and the execution of the work will always be carried out with the utmost scientific rigor, ensuring replicability in a second location.

BROMALGAE provides the industrial scaling service for various strains of microalgae. Scaling can be done in closed photobioreactors of 100, 300, or 3,000 liters. These photobioreactors are designed by Bromalgae’s own Engineering Department, allowing for a unique design that can be modified according to the client’s preferences. Bromalgae is known for offering turnkey projects, allowing most parameters to be adjustable. Cultivation monitoring and analytics can be conducted as part of the service. Bromalgae has the capacity to provide customers with centrifuged and/or dehydrated biomass.

BROMALGAE aims to offer the industrial-scale microalgae scaling service to assist other institutions in conducting fundamental research tasks.